MMA's Submission Artists: 8 Most Painful Submissions


In mixed martial arts, submissions are one of the methods to terminate a fight. Similar to knockouts, they are resounding wins that guarantee an opponent's dominance over a challenger without dispute.

There are many forms of submissions, almost 77 told by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). For example, Rear Naked Choke, Arm Bar, and Guillotine choke are one of the most painful submissions in MMA. Each is more painful than the others.

8 Most Painful Submissions in MMA

We have compiled a list of the eight most painful submissions in MMA. Let's have a look at it:

 1. Rear Naked Choke

In MMA, the rear naked choke is one of the extremely powerful submission techniques. The carotid artery and windpipe of the combatant's opponent are first targeted, leaving them unable to breathe or defend themselves.

And you can use the rear naked choke against significantly larger and more powerful opponents, and it is one of the hardest chokes to escape. Within 5 to 20 seconds, your opponent will be knocked out if they are dumb enough to refuse to tap.

BJJ 101: How To Perform The Rear Naked Choke | Evolve Daily

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The rear naked choke, typically used from the top back mount, is one of the simplest to learn. 

 2. Arm Bar

The Arm Bar is one of the hardest moves to master. Even though it seems easy to do, it needs a lot of training and practice to execute perfectly.

The arm bar exerts compression tension on the elbow joint by overextending the elbow. This can injure the tendons and ligaments in the forearm and potentially cause the joint to dislocate. 

Why You Want To Have a Good Arm Bar – BJJ Fanatics

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As a result, only attempt an Arm Bar when you're confident you can execute it correctly. When executed correctly, the arm bar is an extremely powerful move that swiftly ends a battle.

 3. Guillotine Choke

The Guillotine is another extremely effective choke that is easy to learn. This choke is semi-painful as it involves choking the opponent's neck.

Even inexperienced and professional MMA fighters frequently go sloppy with their brains when aiming for takedowns.

Ultimate submissions: Breaking down the guillotine choke -

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The guillotine choke is one of the simplest mixed martial arts or defensive tactics submissions. Because chokes like the guillotine aren't a concern in wrestling, seasoned wrestlers have this awful tendency. 

 4. Triangle Choke

The Triangle Choke is also one of the most popular chokes in MMA. Generally, people with longer arms have an advantage since it's easier to wrap their arms around someone's head.

When an opponent's head and one arm are passed beneath the legs, the remaining arm is used to grip the opponent's neck, preventing blood supply to the brain.

Triangle Choke – The Complete Guide and Best Practices | You Jiu Jitsu

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The grip can be tightened further by pulling on the opponent's head with the knees or by employing other areas of leverage such as the hips, elbows, and shoulders.

 5. Kimura

The Kimura, while not the most glamorous or elegant move, takes top honors for its efficiency and pain-inducing capacity.

The Gracies are among the people who can attest to how deadly and painful the Kimura lock is. Among those who have contributed to them in this way are Kazushi Sakuraba and Masahiko Kimura. 

How to Do a Kimura from Side Control | MMA Submissions - YouTube

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The attacker applies a double wristlock on his opponent's wrists and twists behind his back. The grip exerts great strain on the shoulder, which could result in serious injury. This technique can be fatal since it hits an opponent's elbow and shoulder. 

 6. Heel Hook

The Heel Hook is one of the most painful submissions in MMA. These are plain, Brutal, and torturous.

The move is so risky that it has been banned in multiple grappling tournaments. Guys like Rousimar Palhares have displayed how destructive the hold can be.

Heel Hook | BJJ Heroes

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A heel hook usually accompanies a figure four grip on the opponent's leg. The performer twists and force the ankle, which adds substantial strain to the ankle.

7. Calf slicer

Calf Slicers are one of the worst holds. They are so devastating and painful. It is also one of the rarely-seen moves in MMA.

The calf slicer is a compression lock in which the performer uses his shin as a fulcrum. The performer presses the calf against the leg bone, generating excruciating pain as the muscle bends.

Calf Slicer & How to Make it Your Best Leg Lock - BJJ World

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Even tho it is a less-seen move, it will give you a devastating blow. 

8. Twister

It is probably one of the rarest and most painful submissions of MMA. The fighters should be happy that it is not commonly used. It's also said to be a variation of another submission which is the Americana submission. But the execution is different. 

Korean Zombie' scores first UFC twister finish | Today in MMA History

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The twister is a type of spine lock. You read that correctly; a compression lock on the spine needs to be present to do everything. Using a back mount and single hook in the space between the opponent's legs, the fighter grabs their head and cranks it in the other way.

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What are submissions in MMA? 

A "tap out" submission is a combat sports word for surrendering to the opponent that results in instant defeat. A submission is frequently made by overtly tapping the ground or opponent with your hand or foot or verbally addressing the competitor or tournament referee.

How many types of submissions are there in UFC?

There are more than 77 types of submissions in UFC.

What is the most painful joint lock?

Achilles' Lock is one of the most painful joint locks.

Are there any prohibited MMA submissions?

To submit to their opponent, a fighter may not dig their fingers or thumb into their rival's throat or trachea.

Are slaps permitted in the UFC?

Fights can result in a decision, knockout, technical knockout, or disqualification for an unlawful slap. Slaps are all subjected to video review. There are two referees and three judges for each event.


Submissions in MMA are an important component of the sport that need a high level of skill and technique to perform.

The jiu-jitsu chokehold is the most popular submission in MMA because it leverages leverage to convince an opponent to tap out. Joint locks are another type of submission in which pressure is applied to particular areas of the body to overextend, or break joints may be one of the most painful submissions of MMA.

There are many Submissions and types of knockout in UFC. So go on and watch your favorite match and find out your favorite players and submissions.