Rising Stars: Unveiling the Future Talents of FIFA Women's World Cup


Since its founding in 1991, the FIFA Women's World Cup™ has provided a platform for talented female football players worldwide. This tournament has witnessed the rise of stars who have greatly influenced and contributed to the sport.

As we approach the next edition of this event, our attention naturally turns to the young and promising players poised to leave their mark on the global stage. These talented individuals possess skills and immense potential. They are bound to shape the future of women's football in a whole new way.

This article introduces you to some talents making waves in women's football. These players have the potential to become legends and have captivating stories of their remarkable performances and a special combination of skills, determination, and love for the game that sets them apart.

So prepare to embark on an adventure as we unveil the rising FIFA Women's World Cup stars. 

Top 10 FIFA Women's World Cup Rising Stars

1. Sandy Baltimore (France)

Sandy Baltimore, an emerging FIFA Women's World Cup talent, has created a stir in the football universe with her extraordinary abilities and expertise. Hailing from France, Baltimore has distinguished herself as a remarkable player for the French national team, exhibiting her aptitude as a forward through her swift footwork, accurate passes, and potent strikes. 

Her nimbleness and velocity on the pitch have rendered her a daunting adversary, frequently outpacing defenders. Since her first appearance, she has persistently shown her capacity to alter the direction of a match with her strategic insight and goal-scoring prowess. 

Baltimore's fervor for football and unyielding pursuit of excellence has made her one of the most promising prospects in women's football today. Her performances have boosted the French team's reputation and motivated a fresh wave of female footballers globally. 

2. Lauren James (England)

A rising FIFA Women's World Cup star, Lauren James, has been stirring up trouble in English football. She became Manchester United's youngest goal scorer at age 21, making history. She has become a potent forward for her exceptional ball control, quickness, and goal-scoring abilities.

Chelsea's Lauren James offers goals and assists but also a width that teams  can't handle - The Athletic

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James has been essential to England's recent successes, and many believe that she may one day serve as a pillar for the national squad. Her seemingly limitless potential portends an exciting future for women's football in England.

3. Sophia Smith (USA)

Sophia Smith, a rising star on the FIFA Women's World Cup team of the United States, is a competitor. Despite being 22 years old, she stands out with her speed, agility, and precision. Smith's ability to grasp the game's dynamics and her relentless pursuit of scoring goals has made her a formidable forward.

Not only has she elevated the level of play for the USA team, but she has also become a source of inspiration for aspiring female footballers. Undoubtedly, Smith is a player to watch in women's soccer. 

4. Salma Paralluelo (Spain)

Salma Paralluelo, a rising star in the FIFA Women's World Cup, is a prime example of Spain's talent pool's increasing strength. Her exceptional skills and agility have made her a key player, even at 18.

The versatility of Paralluelo to play both as a forward and a winger, as well as her propensity for scoring crucial goals, have made her a household name. Her zeal, tenacity, and technical proficiency make her a promising possibility for the upcoming women's soccer era. 

5. Lena Oberdorf (Germany)

Lena Oberdorf is well known for her excellent technical prowess and adaptability. She is a member of the German national team competing in the FIFA Women's World Cup. She was born in 2001 and rapidly became well-known for her abilities as a defender and midfielder.

Can Lena Oberdorf make the World 11 at 21? - FIFPRO World Players' Union

source - https://fifpro.org/en/supporting-players/player-influence/world11/will-lena-oberdorf-make-the-world-11-at-21/

Oberdorf is a crucial member of her squad, thanks to her mobility, strength, and tactical acumen on the field. She has not only won multiple accolades for her excellent work, but she has also established herself as one of the sport's most promising young players.

6. Maika Hamano (Japan)

Maika Hamano, a luminary in Japanese women's football, has left an indelible mark on the FIFA Women's World Cup. Her remarkable nimbleness, accuracy, technical mastery, and strategic insight have played a pivotal role in Japan's triumphs.

Hamano's on-field leadership and knack for meeting vital goals have garnered global recognition. Her commitment and enthusiasm for football have propelled her career and sparked inspiration among the upcoming generation of female footballers in Japan.

7. Kathrine Kühl (Denmark)

Kathrine Kühl, who plays for Denmark in the FIFA Women's World Cup, is well-known for her talent and tenacity. Kühl has regularly shown her skill on the field by fusing quickness, precision, and strategic thinking.

Kühl was born with a natural flair for football. Her performances have significantly contributed to Denmark's success, making her a recognized essential figure.

Kühl has been an example for aspiring female football players worldwide because of her leadership on and off the field.

8. Alexia Putellas (Spain)

The star of Spain's national squad, Alexia Putellas, has had a major impact on the FIFA Women's World Cup. Putellas has regularly shown her proficiency as a midfielder and is renowned for her superb ball control and strategic vision.

Alexia Putellas named 2021/22 UEFA Women's Champions League Player of the  Season | UEFA Women's Champions League | UEFA.com

source - https://www.uefa.com/womenschampionsleague/news/0275-1536379bd527-df00b8bc4878-1000--alexia-putellas-named-2021-22-uefa-women-s-champions-league-/

Her on-field leadership and propensity for scoring important goals have been vital to Spain's success. In addition to improving her team's performance, Putellas' commitment and talent have served as an example for a new generation of female football players. 

9. Sam Kerr (Australia)

The Australian powerhouse Sam Kerr has become a rising FIFA Women's World Cup sensation. She is a formidable force on the field thanks to her excellent speed, agility, and accuracy.

Australia has reached new heights in international women's football thanks to Kerr's leadership as the Matildas' captain and her prolific goal-scoring skills.

Her enthusiasm, commitment, and talent have enthralled football fans all across the world, in addition to her teammates.

10. Debinha (Brazil)

Debinha, an emerging talent in the FIFA Women's World Cup, is a formidable force for the Brazilian national team. Her extraordinary agility and speed are renowned, allowing her to navigate through opposing defenses effortlessly.

Her technical abilities are of the highest caliber, demonstrating an impressive capacity to maintain ball control even under intense pressure. Debinha's striking capabilities are equally impressive, consistently producing potent and precise shots on target.

Her field vision is praiseworthy; she frequently assists her teammates with accurate passes. As a multifaceted midfielder, Debinha's significant contributions have played a key role in Brazil's recent triumphs, marking her as a player to watch. 

The Impact of FIFA Women's World Cup rising stars

These young players' ascent to stardom is thrilling for women's football's future and their particular clubs. Their abilities and potential reflect the women's game's rising standard and level of competition. They act as role models for the upcoming group of female footballers.

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Who is the current female world best player?

The world's top female football player right now is Alexia Putellas. The Spanish midfielder competes for both Barcelona and Spain. She has twice received the Ballon d'Or and FIFA Women's Player of the Year awards. She is renowned for her originality, passing skills, and goal-scoring abilities.

Who are the most successful teams in FIFA Women's World Cup?

The United States has become the championship team in FIFA Women's World Cup, securing four victories. On the other hand, Norway boasts one championship title, while Germany and Japan each have one to their names.

  • United States (4 titles)
  • Germany (2 titles)
  • Japan (1 title)
  • Norway (1 title)

Who are the favorites to win the Women's World Cup 2023?

The Women's World Cup 2023 has the United States as the odds-on favorite to win. They have a talented team with a wealth of experience and are the back-to-back defending champions. Also regarded as one of the favorites in England. They have a youthful and strong team and were the finalists in 2019.

Who is the head of the FIFA Women's World Cup?

Sarai Bareman is the president of the FIFA Women's World Cup. Since 2016, she has played a crucial role in fostering the evolution of women's football within FIFA as the organization's chief women's football officer.

Sarai is notable for having played professionally and passionately representing the New Zealand national team.


With the development of these young talents, women's football has a promising future. Fans from all over the world are anxiously anticipating seeing them compete in the 2018 FIFA Women's World Cup as they get ready to display their skills. These rising FIFA Women's World Cup stars are poised to elevate women's football to heights thanks to their passion, talent, and potential.